Hemp is one of the most sustainable and strongest natural fibres in the history of mankind. Although it belongs to the cannabis sativa family, industrial hemp that is used to make fabric contains less than 0.3% THC and is non-psychoactive. The hemp fabric itself is soft, breathable and moisture-wicking - perfect for hot and humid climates. With all its sustainable features and low environmental impact, hemp is a great alternative to other natural and synthetic fabrics that are less healthy for the environment.

  • calling icon, 50% less water

    50% Less Water

    Grows 4 metres in 4 months with almost no water

  • calling icon, helps the soil

    Helps The Soil

    Alkanizes unhealthy soils and helps to keep the ground firm

  • calling icon, no pesticides

    No Pesticides

    Doesn’t need any pesticides or herbicides and requires less fertilizers than other crops

  • calling icon, uv protection

    UV Protection

    Has excellent UPF protection against sun radiation

  • calling icon, cleanses the air

    Cleanses The Air

    Absorbs more CO2 from the air than other plants and trees

We’ve chosen hemp for its incredible sustainable features and blended it with Tencel - another great sustainable fabric, for extra softness and a nicer drape.